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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was founded in 1889 and incorporated under Royal Charter in 1904. With over 1 million members it is the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe. Its fundamental aim is to take action for wild birds and the environment in general.

Whether you've lived in the area for ages, or are just visiting, we'd be delighted to welcome you and show you some of the birds in our area! We are pleased to be able to announce that John Wyatt, the well known tour leader, has agreed to continue to be our Honorary President.

We are continuing to include photographs by members of the group. The following photographs were taken by Ian Kilshaw on a trip to New Zealand last winter.

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Each month we bring you an ornithological link to the internet that may be just that little bit different. It may be a link to another RSPB club, or to some other birdwatching group. It might have a scientific slant, and it might take you to the other side of the world. Wherever we take you, I hope you'll find the link helpful, and useful, and that it will increase your knowledge and awareness of ornithology.This month, as the weather begins to turn colder, we begin to think of some of the more exciting places to see our winter birds. And for those who like to see exciting birds close at hand, winter is not complete without a visit to Slimbridge, in Gloucestershire. So to remind you of the work of the WWT, have a look at this site:Wildfowl and Wetlands

Enjoy bird watching in France

Even though France is not as exotic as Greece or Spain, bird watchers will have a wonderful time in this beautiful country. Many species can be observed here, if you arrive in the right time and you are patient enough. Travel around France accompanied by an astonishing escort Paris, try to spot some interesting and rare birds and you will certainly have a magnificent experience together!

Follow these bird watching tips

Because there is less use of pesticides in France, the number of predators has decreased and protection has increased, some birds have managed to increase in number. But other birds were not so lucky and their population has declined in recent years. Travel to Brittany, this region of France where you will observe a wide range of seabirds. Wait patiently and you and your gorgeous escort Paris will get to see Atlantic Puffins, Gulls, Cormorants, Common Murres, Northern Gannets and Razorbills.

Head inland to observe common European species such as swallows, pheasants, common swifts, woodcocks and partridges, among numerous others. Venture to Dordogne to observe the incredible wildlife in this delightful region and you will be charmed once more by the beauties within France. Dordogne has plenty to offer in matter of birds. Little Bustard, Eagle Owl, Common Crane, Montagu’s Harrier, Short-toed Eagle, Ortolan Bunting, Subalpine Warbler and Tawny Pipit are some of the birds you will get to spot if you combine local knowledge with luck and good timing.

Explore Camargue and Pyrenees because these are two of Europe’s finest birding destinations. Camargue is not only a significant breeding area for Greater flamingo. This region is also a vital rest and refueling stop for many species of migrating birds. Stroll in this fascinating wetland and watch for Gray and Purple Herons, Little and Great Crested Grebes, Slender-billed and Mediterranean Gulls.

From Camargue move west to the High Pyrenees and you will be fascinated by the breath-taking views. This is a great place where you and your lovely escort Paris can spot some Citril Finch, European Honey-Buzzard, Short-toed Eagle, the endangered Lammergeier, Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Yellow-billed Chough and Rock Bunting, among others. This stunning mountain scenery is an oasis of peace where your body and mind will be filled with joy. Spot some of the birds living in this area and you will leave back home with a great mood.

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Go bird watching in Languedoc’s Cevennes and you will see a wide range of cliff birds. You will watch Black Vultures, Griffons and Black Woodpeckers and maybe you will have the chance to spot some other birds, too. Venture to Le Narbonnai for some Spotless Starlings and watch for the rare Thekla Larks that are living in Cave.

France will not bore you if you are a bird watcher and you arrive here when these birds can be spotted. Get your equipment, be patient and request the company of an appealing escort Paris if you want to spend your time in a wonderful way. Have a bird watching tour around France together and you will leave back home with amazing memories!

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